Lead Discovery Siena (LDS) comes from a consolidate experience in the field of drug design and lead optimization.

LDS scientist are young and motivated people, organized in multidisciplinary teams strongly interconnected. LDS offers the a series of approach aimed to follow the evolution of drug candidates from the bench to the the pre-clinical investigations. We work in close contact with our clients and partners to ensure the reciprocal satisfaction. We will provide manpower technical knowledge to speed up your research.


Next Events

BIO USA 2016

June 6-9, San Francisco CA

We are proud to announce the participation of Lead Discovery Siena at the BIO USA 2016 convention which will be held in San Francisco.

For more informations about the events visit the website

You will find our delegates at Italy Pavilion 2529.

The LDS Team

VI European Workshop in Drug Synthesis

Lead Discovery Siena researcher will attend at the 6th European Workshop in Drug Synthesis (link).

The workshop will be held in Siena at the conference center of the University of Siena.

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